Plan Your Event For French Canadian Heritage Day, TODAY!

The Ad Hoc Committee for a French Canadian Heritage Day is a grassroots organization whose purpose has been to campaign for and promote Michigan’s first French Canadian Heritage Day. We are an unfunded organization, run by volunteers who have dedicated many long hours to outreach and considering ways to present French Canadian culture and history.

French Canadian culture is about family and community. We encourage communities, schools, museums, history centers, community centers, and indeed families and friends, to take this day as an opportunity to celebrate our roots, our common history, and to celebrate French Canadian culture in particular. There is a rich heritage of stories, food, history, genealogy, and music that awaits.

As the Heritage Day approaches, members of the committee are discussing plans for the future. Your participation will be most welcome! We are actively engaged in building on this day with other projects one of which is this blog. Another is The Storykeepers Project, a way for French Canadians from throughout the Great Lakes region to share the stories of their families and their connection to French Canadian culture and history –– and a wonderful way to take part in French Canadian Heritage Day.

Send us your thoughts and let us know when you plan an event – we’ll be happy to help promote it!

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