Word of the Week…en Français!

Word of the Week…en Français!

Faux saunier /ˈfoʊ/ /sonje/

Faux is the French word for ‘false’ and saunier (saulnier) is one who deals in salt. Faux saunier/saulnier (the 17th/18th century spelling), referred to someone who was a dealer in contraband salt ie., a smuggler. This was a serious crime in France and those caught faced severe penalties. Several hundred convicted salt smugglers were deported to Quebec. For more information, see this article on famous ‘faux saulnier’ Pierre Révol, this website which includes a list of faux saulniers, and a study of the word saunier (in French) that traces its history. Thanks to Elaine Joyal for the suggestion!

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