Word of the Week…en Français

Word of the Week…en Français!

entre chien et loup  /ɑ̃tʁ/ /ʃjæ̃/ /e/ /lu/ (phrase)

Although this phrase is not uniquely Canadian, it has really grown on me since I first encountered it in this story about wolves in Gatineau Park. Literally, it means ‘between dog and wolf’, but figuratively it means twilight – the hour when it is difficult to discern between a dog and a wolf. Of course, that is just the simple meaning. It could be interpreted in many ways. It can also be taken to mean the difference between the known and the unknown, the familiar and the dangerous — perhaps even a way of describing a threshold into the unknown.  Sources: Naked Translations  and Wiktionary

2 thoughts on “Word of the Week…en Français

  1. I’m doing word of the week with my 8th grade French class this year. Students are investigating famous people and places to do with our French Canadian Heritage. I’m planning a special day for the 4th!

    • Stephanie – That is wonderful! What activities do you have planned? Class project? I’d love to hear more! Thank you for letting us know. — James

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