Word of the Week…frette

Word of the Week…en Français

frette /frèt’/ or /fʁɛt/ adjective

Cold. Ordinarily, very cold – frigid to the point of being almost unbearable. “Il fait frette!” – “It is very cold!” A popular term and an alternative form of ‘froid’ [fʁwa]. It is an old pronunciation, from Old French, and preserved in Quebec and Acadian French and in the Francoprovençal patois. Sources: Wikionary, Wikibec, and lo Gnalei.

One comment

  1. We can say “froid” if we want to, but in these parts, we frequently say “C’est frette!” (or “Y/Il fait frette!”) without hesitation. It’s an expression heard all winter long:))


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