Word of the Week…shivaree

Word of the Week…en Français

Charivari or Shivaree or Chivaree  \shi-və-ˈrē\ (masculine noun)

A French Canadian and European French folk custom in which friends and neighbors surround the residence of newlyweds on their wedding night and create a noisy racket, meant to be a mock serenade. It refers in general to a loud clamor. ‘Shivaree’ is the regional spelling variant in the Upper Midwest, while Chivaree is known in Ontario. The term has been ‘repurposed’ in numerous ways, including as the name of a satirical newspaper, a rock band, and a winter festival on Black Lake in Northern Michigan. Associated also with the Acadian ‘tintamarre.’ For more information see, Wikipedia, The Free Dictionary, Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage.

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