As a service to our community, the following is a list of Roman Catholic parishes around the Great Lakes with masses in French. Many people have expressed an interest in learning more French, becoming more fluent in French, or finding ways to be exposed to the French language. While this will not work for everyone, this list is ideal for people in the border areas where a drive across to the Windsor, Sault Ste. Marie, Sarnia, or Thunder Bay areas might be an occasional option. It brings with it not just exposure to French, but the possibility of meeting a community of bilingual French Canadians. Also included are masses in Chicago and Minneapolis, as well as masses in Haitian Creole French.

This list is not exhaustive. For example there are many more French masses in Ontario than those listed. I will happily update the list at any time if readers would like to leave a comment below indicating where and when a French mass can be found with a link to the parish if possible.

This list should be considered a guide, based on parish and diocesan websites current as of June, 2014. Please confirm times and days with the parish to confirm up-to-date information.

Ste. Anne, Tecumseh Sunday, 8:30 am

Ste. Cecile, Dubreuilville, Sunday, 1:30 pm, Monday 1:00 pm, Tuesday 1:30 pm 1, rue Ste-Cecile Tel: 705-884-2578

Ste. Elizabeth, Thunder Bay Sunday, 11:00 am Tel: 622-1085 Email:

Immaculée Conception & Saint-Phillippe Parish
, Pain Court, ON 5:00 pm Saturday (St. Phillippe) (alternates every two months); Tues, Wed, Fri 8:00 am

St. Jerome, Windsor Sat 5:00 pm, Sun 10:00 am

St. Joseph, River Canard Sunday 9:00 am; Friday 8:30 am

Ste. Marie du Sault, Sault Ste. Marie, ON; Saturday 4:00 pm, Sunday 10 am Tel: 705-946-1934, 847 Chemin Trunk (summer schedule)

St. Simon and St. Jude, Belle River Sunday 11:00 am, bilingual

St-Thomas D’Aquin
, Sarnia Sunday 11:00 am; Tues-Wed, 7:00 pm bilingual, Thurs-Fri, 8:15 am bilingual

Visitation Parish, Comber Sunday 9:00 am; Tues-Fri 8:30 am, weekday masses alternate between French and English

Our Lady of Peace, Haitian French Creole, Sunday 5:30 pm

St. Teresa of Avila, French, Saturday 6:30 p.m. in French (First Saturday of the Month)

Novena to St. Anne, Parish of St. Anne of Detroit, Feast of St. Anne – annual event, in French. See the website of St. Anne for up-to-date information. 2014 date is July 19.

St. Mary, First Sunday of the Month, 12:30 pm French/Haitian Creole

St. Boniface Sunday, 12:00 noon Tel: 612-379-2761


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