Word of the Week…pêche, pêcher

Word of the Week…en français

Ruleau Brothers, Green Bay
Ruleau Brothers, Green Bay

pêche /pɛʃ/ feminine noun, pêcher /peʃe/ verb

Fishing. ‘aller à la pêche’ – to go fishing. ‘Je vais à la pêche avec mon ami’ — I am going fishing with my friend. Fishing has long formed a part of Great Lakes French Canadian culture, providing sustenance and a livelihood for many along the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair and throughout the Great Lakes. Pêche Island off Windsor, Ontario is said to be so-named due to it’s proximity to good fishing. However some confusion has reigned over the name with some associating it with the peach (also pêche) and péché (sin). The French circumflex (ˆ) is often missing from the word, further confusing it’s meaning.

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