#AmFr: Amérique Française


French North America. North American French. Amérique Française.

Do you blog? Tweet? Are you on Facebook? An informal collective dedicated to the perpetuation of the cultures originating in Nouvelle France (New France), that is: French Canadians, French Métis, Franco Americans, Cajuns, Creoles, Québécois, Acadians, Franco Ontarians….have agreed to use the hashtag #AmFr on social media to raise awareness of our art, music, writing, cultural events, politics, and history while underscoring the reality that these communities are connected by a common history, culture, origins and (for most) religion. Please join us in using #AmFr on Instagram to highlight your photos, on Facebook to highlight your events and articles, on Twitter, Tumblr and every media you use.

Help ensure the continuity of our culture(s) by using the tools of modern life! #AmFr

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