6_Poirier_a_Tecumseh__OntarioA project is underway to have the local Detroit River Region pear trees known as the Jesuit Pear Trees, recognized as an endangered variety of fruit tree. The organization Slow Food USA through its project the Ark of Taste is studying the possibility of adding the pear trees to its list of endangered foods and food traditions found here.

Slow Food USA was contacted last year by Dar Navarre Darley and she is leading this effort to have the Jesuit Pears listed, which would lead to increased visibility and preservation efforts for this emblematic part of the local landscape, dating back to the early 1700s. It would also be an important addition to the local/regional awareness of French Canadian culture and heritage. The Ark of Taste is seeking both the trees and examples of the fruit to complete their study.

There is a deadline of June 24 and due to restrictions on moving fruit between the US and Canada, it would be ideal to locate a tree on the US side of the Detroit River for eventual study and tasting of its fruit.

If you would be willing to help and if you have access to a Jesuit Pear Tree and its fruit in the Detroit/Monroe/Windsor area, please contact Darlene Darley at or James LaForest at

Read more about the importance of the Jesuit Pear Trees to the local cultural and physical landscape here.




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